Have a friend in the U.S. who's in IT looking for a partner to support them through the H1-B Visa process? Referring a friend to V-Soft can not only help them in life, but it could put $500 in your pocket. No strings attached! No surprises!  

Why V-Soft?

  • With close to 100% transfer success, there is no immigration team stronger.
  • Paying on-time is the standard, not the exception, with V-Soft.
  • Very active marketing team with proven success to find the best jobs.
  • Extensive training to expand and improve marketable skill sets.

Don't forget, V-Soft's Business Solution division expands opportunities for IT Consultants by making V-Soft a complete solution for those needing work now, as well as a partner for years to come in seeking green card status.

IT Consultant Expertise

ServiceNow  |  MuleSoft  |  Palo Alto  |  .Net

These and platforms like SalesForce, Oracle, Big Data, and others are great matches for the IT jobs V-Soft brings to our consultants. If you have good communication skills you can be sure the opportunities at V-Soft will bring advancement to your career and will provide a reliable immigration path moving forward.