How many tools is your HR department using right now?

Does your company use separate tools for HR, payroll, paid time off, benefits and onboarding? V-Soft can help you automate all of these processes and consolidate them into one easy-to-use HR portal.

Some of the Benefits of Automating Your HR Processes:

  • Improve service to employees while reducing phone calls and emails by 30%
  • Enablemployees to manage their own processes
  • Reduce--if not eliminate--paper processes and clunky document management
  • Streamline expense reporting and paid-time-off management processes
  • Measure HR effectiveness and identify areas of improvement

Allow V-Soft’s solutions team to do a brief discovery with you in person or over the phone. After this customized discovery, you will receive an ROI assessment that includes the benefits that could be gained with cost savings from using HR automation.